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Mississippi Alligator Gar Record Falls
[#ffffcc][font "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][#ffffff]Mississippi Alligator Gar Record Falls[/#ffffff][/font][/#ffffcc]

[font "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][#000000][size 2]JACKSON, MS--Earl Stafford of Natchez, Mississippi, was fishing the Mississippi River May 3 when he hooked a 215-pound alligator gar. Three days later, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks biologist John Skains, and ichthyologist Todd Slack made a positive species identification, witnessed the certified weight, photographed the fish and recognized it as a new state record. [/size][/#000000][/font]

[font "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][#000000][size 2]The gar measured 7 feet, 11.5 inches from snout to tail and had a 41-inch girth. It's the second largest alligator gar to be submitted to the National Freshwater Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin.[/size][/#000000][/font]

[font "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][#000000][size 2]If official tests on the line Stafford submitted confirm that it is 50-pound test, he'll be recognized as the world record holder for the 50-pound line class for alligator gar. [/size][/#000000][/font]
I will look around and see if I can find one on the net some where.
[left]The rod and reel world record alligator gar weighed 290 lb, and the trot line, or unrestricted division record weighed 302 lb. Both were caught in the Rio Grande River back in the 1950s, and measured a little over 7-1/2 ft in length.

Alligator gars are widely sought after by bowhunters, but a much smaller following of anglers fish for them for sport. The states of Texas and Louisiana permit regulated commercial fishing for alligator gars, however, the demand is nominal.

The hard, ganoid scales on alligator gars protect them like a suit of armor. Some Native American Indians used the scales as arrowheads, and for adornment on their tribal dress. Although rare, ganoid scales are still being used as jewelry today.

Many researchers see gars as a link between the scientific research of today and what has evolved from a primitive past. Gars can breathe both air and water, which is one of the reasons they are still around today. Unfortunately, we cannot be as optimistic about their future. [/left] [center]

I was unable to find a photo of the pike in the previous post so I am showing a world record pike mentioned in this post.
[Image: gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=617;][/center]
there is no doubt in my mind where they got the name aligator gar, man just look at them teeth. [shocked]

I would not be surprised if some of the aligator human mortalities were actualy by some of these pike. (mostly perswations of 4 feet and under)[unsure]
yea I personally have never caught a pike but i have been trying for a tigermusky all summer they really are the fish of a thousand casts. but I could only imagine what one of those would do to a small child or even a small adult.
I caught one and entered it in to the 16 species contest, would you mind looking at it to make sure I identified it correctly?

[url ";search_string=search_string;#133522"][size 1]Re: [davetclown] The Ultimate 16 Species Fishing Contest 2004 [/size][/url]

by the way the contest is free for any one who would like to enter, you just have to be a member of the bigfishtackle, and that membership is free as well....

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