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Ice fishing get together?
The road into Fish Lake is maintained very well during the winter. For the last couple years mother nature has maintained them on her own by not snowing. When there is snow, the roads are plowed -- too many cabin rentals, and people need to be able to get to them. Not too long ago, the road was not plowed at all, and you had to snowmobile in from the the highway. Those were the good 'ol days! Talk about snowmobile races. How about a 7 mile race with your brothers to see who catches the first fish? That's with a weeks worth of food, sleeping gear, and equipment loaded on sleds! Anyway, you can drive your car in now and not have any worries.
I vote anywhere! I'll be there. JMIG is going to Japan in October so I need someone to get skunked standing next to me. P4L you don't count since we've been skunked together already. If you would like to be the designated skunkee let me know since I'm in need of a new ice fishing partner. The good news is the guy that gets the most fish is the DD for the next trip. And that always me. Yes, that does sound a bit boastfull don't it. It should not be Rockport since I'm all over that lake. Fish Lake would be better since I've only fished it once and didn't do all that well. Hey, it was like -20 abient and the wind was blowing about 40MPH. It was all I could do to get out of bed. If you guys want to go to Fish Lake I'm up for renting a cabin for the weekend, but, be warned, I snore like a train.

Fish Lake sounds like a hoot. That would give me a reason to purchase my Utah nonresident license as soon as possible so maybe New Year's Day on Fish Lake should become a tradition. I've only fished Pine View four times since January 1 this year and I need to get out more. Let's do it!


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