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Rainbow of Kayaks
Pavilion Key 10,000 Islands Everglades National Park 12/27/13
[inline 100_0190.JPG]

[inline 100_0193.JPG]

Fishing was unusually slow so sorry no fish pictures. My 15 year old son did manage to hook into two 6 foot tarpon off the back point of the island. They only stayed on about 1 and 3 minutes, getting 3 jumps completely out of the water of the one on for the longer period. We were shark fishing at dusk. While the 15 lb mono line with a 4 ft shock leader plus 3 ft steel leader was plenty good for a 4 and 6 ft shark it proved no match for the mighty tarpons he accidentally hooked. Next year we'll have 25 lb braided line even for sharks.
Got a couple shark pics from the trip
[inline "smaller shark pavillion key 12:28:13.jpg"]They were both hooked from land but the second one someone pulled up in a boat and gave us a hand after a 30 minute fight from shore. Got it boat side but didn't use a gaff to bring it in as we released both sharks unharmed.
[inline "larger shark.jpg"]
I would love to see some updated pics!

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