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Frabill Tackle Bag Series

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Fumble fingers and thumbs. If you’ve ever ice fished you know all about ‘em. The problem with phalanges is feeling. A deep freeze and their tight and tingling selves add levels of difficulty to even the simplest of tasks.

And then there’s fact that frigid digits can make even the most diehard ice angler lazy. Yeah that’s right, lazy – all too often forgoing the search for alternative baits when the bite slows. The tackle tote, albeit harboring a cornucopia of options, sits closed and frosting over.

But the culprit really isn’t the Arctic air temperatures. Heck, without the bitter cold there would be no such thing as ice fishing at all – duh. The issue is more so the poorly-designed ice-fishing tackle systems of the past.

Fast forward to this past brutal winter when Frabill’s northern most field staff collaborated with the minds of the company’s top engineers. Their conclusion? Simplicity is by far best when it comes to making tackle most accessible in sub-zero temperatures. What has become is the straightforward design of the new Frabill Tackle Bag Series.

Not only is it easy to access your gear from the Frabill Tackle Bag Series, but they are small and compact, making them a great choice for any angler on the go,” says Northern Minnesota ice-fishing guru and Frabill Pro Staffer Scott Glorvigen. “But even for their size they hold a lot of tackle, and the small, medium and large sizes are great for sorting different sized baits. Just grab what you need and onto the ice you go.”

The Frabill Tackle Bag Series comes in three sizes to meet every ice angler’s volume demands. Each comes packed with Plano’s hallmark ProLatch StowAway utility boxes. From miniscule tungsten jigs to spoons big enough to ladle chowder, there’s room at the inn. No matter if you set sights on mountable lakers, pike and walleyes, or panfish from crappies to bluegills and perch, there’s a Frabill Tackle Bag to accommodate your lure arsenal.

Design-wise, first take note of the handles – large in diameter and easy to grasp, even when tucked tight into the corner of an ice shanty. Next, large looped pull tabs tug the heavy-duty zipper for easy-open, easy-shut access even when donning gloves. Super-tough canvas yields the utmost durability. A patented fold-down design opens wide for graceful access to a pair of ProLatch StowAway boxes. To that, the ProLatch’s clasps are oversized and unproblematic to undo and relock no matter how cold your hands may be.

Simple in design; compact in size; easy access in the bitter cold – that’s what the Frabill Tackle Bag Series is all about.

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