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Frabill’s 1469 Aqua-Life Bait Station

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– Read any article, watch every television show, listen in to talk radio or chat to a fishing expert in person and you’ll soon realize the single most common word used in reference to live bait is “lively”.

The reason the word often rolls off the tongues of these fishing aficionados? No matter the bait variety, anglers who use the healthiest, most energetic livebait are going to out-fish those who try and make do with the stale and frail.

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Of all types of live bait, minnows, by far, are the hardest to keep vivacious. Extreme fluctuations in water temperature, impurities in too little water as well as the obvious expiration of oxygen can turn a bucket of once active little fishes into a container of floating bloaters.

Frabill’s answer to the dead minnow dilemma is the 1469 Aqua-Life Bait Station – the new younger, tougher sibling of the ever-popular original 1409.

The 1469 is a remarkably lightweight yet sturdy 6-gallon self-contained baitfish condo that keeps an environment of up to 10 quarts of water in perfect tune. Bait from a massive passel of perch minnows to a load of full-size suckers won’t even know they’ve left the pond.

A powerful and ultra-quiet built-into-the-lid air pump efficiently aerates bottom to top via a removable micro-bubbler diffuser. And the pump runs strong all day long, whether powered by only two D-call batteries while you’re on the water, the 12-volt adaptor for transporting in your vehicle or vessel or by an optional 120-volt adaptor for storing minnows overnight (or days on end) in the garage.

The Aqua-Life Bait Station comes lined with a heavy-duty removable insulated liner to keep water temperatures from those drastic rises and falls that can make minnows turn belly up. Its lid clamps tight to the bucket to keep splash-overs at bay, as well as the pump safe and secure in a waterproof compartment for years of service. The 1469 Aqua-Life Bait Station even sports an accessory hook for securing a minnow dipping net.

Looking to breathe new life into fishing with minnows? Search no further than Frabill’s 1469 Aqua-Life Bait Station.

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