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Frabill’s Magnum Shrimp Flow-Troll

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There’s no arguing that shrimp are the number one livebait offering amongst the seven seas. Likewise, visual surveying and statistical evidence supports that Frabill’s Flow-Troll is the most fished bait container in history. So it was only a matter of time before Frabill brought the two together in fishing matrimony.

New for briny waters in 2014, Frabill introduces the Magnum Shrimp Flow-Troll. The durable bait container engulfs a whopping 10 quarts of water and yields monstrous real estate for backstroking shrimp. And like all Flow-Trolls, the Magnum Shrimp features a self-closing and locking door with functional handle that lifts and lowers on demand.

The defining trait of the Magnum Shrimp Flow-Troll, however, is its unique interior design. Known for their propensity to suffocate fellow scuds, shrimp swell to the surface, can’t get footing, pile on top of each other and end up in a mass grave. Frabill’s solution to this age-old dilemma was adding a screened insert. Now, shrimp clutch and stick to the bucket’s interior in a more evenly distributed fashion. Shrimp live longer and you can transport more of them when they can fully utilize the space. (Freshwater crawfish will appreciate the crawl-space as well.)

Now the Flow-Troll isn’t the number one selling bait container of all time by stroke of luck. That status has been earned through millions of successful fishing trips. It begins with an industry’s first hydrodynamic shape. Pulled behind a boat, in current, or simply bucking in the waves, the Flow-Troll is engineered anatomically to sit partially submerged while water and oxygen interchange to keep bait perky and accessible.

Plunk a Flow-Troll in the drink and watch it magically rotate, self-adjust, and turn upright with the vented door facing the sky and backside aeration holes slurping oxygenated water from below. Others have copied the design, too, but none operate as flawlessly as the Flow-Troll. And to the angler’s advantage, Flow-Trolls are an inexpensive investment. More often than not, your first fill of bait will rival or exceed the cost of the actual bait container.

Saltwater tested, the Magnum Shrimp Flow-Troll measures a roomy 11.5” x 9” x 14”. The robust molded configuration is also built to withstand years of rough handling on rocks, piers and boat decks.

The best selling saltwater bait is about to set leg and antenna in the most trusted bait container of all time. We expect the marriage to last forever.

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