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Free Ca. FishAlerts! Mobile App Maps MPA’s

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Great Outdoors Mobile, Inc. has launched FishAlerts! – its newest mobile app developed to enhance the outdoor experience. FishAlerts! empowers anglers with boundary maps and information about California’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), as well as those in other coastal areas across the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. More importantly, this free tool gives fishermen this information when and where they need it most – on the water. With FishAlerts! and their iOS smartphones and tablets, anglers can pinpoint their position in relation to closed or restricted areas, stay on the right side of the law and benefit from fishing close to these zones without worry.

FishAlerts! provides this information for California’s entire network of saltwater MPAs and also covers hundreds of additional areas of interest along the U.S. coast, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Clicking on maps of restricted areas brings up a text box with the area name, and from there, a simple tap of the FishAlerts! “?” icon provides information on specific rules/regulations of interest to recreational anglers. “We’ve worked very hard to take what is a vast amount of complex information, and make it easily accessible and understandable for the everyday fishermen,” says Harry Carpenter, Founder of Great Outdoors Mobile, Inc. “This is what FishAlerts! was created for – putting important information into the hands of fishermen, so they can enjoy their time on the water.”

In addition to providing information on MPAs and other restricted fishing areas, FishAlerts! delivers accurate NOAA Weather and Tide information. With a few taps, fishermen can determine if the forecast looks favorable for an offshore run, or pinpoint the best tides for their favorite inshore bite. Five-day tidal projections can also help boaters decide when to launch or retrieve, or the best time to enter a tricky inlet.

FishAlerts! is also designed to help fishermen do what comes naturally – brag, communicate and share their passion and their catches with other anglers. “Social networking is an important part of the FishAlerts! experience,” says Carpenter. “So we’ve made it easy for users to share Facebook posts and Tweets within the FishAlerts! App.” Anglers simply click the “Fish Pix” tab to bring up sharing options. A “Tap to Tweet” button allows anglers to tweet directly to Twitter using any account linked to the device. A “Tap to FB” button lets anglers easily send a new post to any Facebook account linked with that device.

Sharing photos of your latest catch with friends and family is just as easy. Users simply click the Camera button in the upper left to add a photo to the “Fish Pix” gallery, then choose an existing photo from the device’s Photo Library or take a new one. From this point, it’s simple to scale the image to fit the screen and click the image to tweet it or post to Facebook. With a few finger taps, FishAlerts! lets anglers share their fishing adventures with friends and followers on and off the water.

FishAlerts! is now available for free download through the Apple App Store, and the Android version is in development and coming soon to Google Play. Early responders who download FishAlerts! will be eligible for a free upgrade path to additional premium features in the future. More information about this unique fishing information and social media platform for recreational anglers is available at

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