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Great flamingo gettaway! Reds and Snook

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Biscayne Bay and Flamingo Fishing Report
Cold Weather and Hot Fishing
January 11 2010I actually wrote “its frickin cold” on my windshield this morning in the ice!
29 degrees when I woke up!!
This was not a good weekend for a lot of fish up in White Water Bay as there is a ton of fish floating. Capt. Rich Smith reported there are Snapper Ladyfish and some real big Snook that unfortunately did not survive the cold. So there was a big fish kill to the north. Out in Florida Bay I fished Friday and Saturday and water temps were in the mid 50s and did not see 1 fish that was dead. I think because of the good current flow to the west side of the park.

On Friday Joe and De Jay Cothern caught 35 plus Redfish and many Large Trout up to 5 pounds with a mix of some nice Sheephead in the creeks, they were caught on jigs tipped with shrimp. On Saturday the worst day possible Jeff Bodem fished with me for a short time in the nasty conditions and caught 10 nice Redfish before we called it quits.
I will be fishing Biscayne Bay tomorrow for Mutton Snapper in the finger channels and will report on that in a couple of days.
I am anticipating Bonefish frenzy this weekend when the air temps will be in the 80s to warm us up some, I will be on that also.
With a nice warming trend the rod bending action should get red hot until the next major cold front.

Now in Biscayne Bay there is a major fish kill as well, many Snook Snapper
And one of the largest Bonefish I have ever seen about 17 lbs are dead on the bottom of the west side canals. Plenty of smaller Bonefish are in the mix. In the canals there are plenty of fish that did survive; we were seeing Bones and Snapper and plenty of big Snook swimming on top looking for the warm sun. But in the ocean side channels none were seen. So I pray that the ocean side Bones and the fish in South side of the bay moved out to deep warmer water in Hawks Channel.
This weekend we will warm up in the 80s and should bring back to Ocean side Bones to the flats to feed, and the next cold front will only drop temps 5 to 7 degrees this time which should bring back some real good fishing.

Stay warm Capt. Jim Hale

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