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New Frabill I-Series suits

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The world will forever be grateful to Henry Ford – quite the maverick. Strapping an engine to four wagon wheels and kicking up gravel like a stampede of Clydesdales. Love that shaky black-and-white footage of the A’s and T’s, too. But driving one today, other than to a car collector’s convention? Um, no…

Frabill thinks similarly about the pioneers of ice-fishing apparel. Guys, hey, thanks for marketing the first ice-fishing suit (repurposing a rainsuit and calling it ice-fishing outerwear). Much obliged. But we’ll take it from here…

Respect your elders. Learn from them. Take the good. But don’t get bogged down in the past.

Frabill throws gas on their progressive flame for ice fishing 2014/15. The incendiary result is the I-Series, a four suit series of the most highly engineered, best-fitted and fully-featured ice-fishing apparel to ever walk the frozen surfaces.

Frabill, a champion of specialization, again challenged elite apparel designer Chris Leonard to produce something better, faster and more powerful – outpace his own designs that were already the finest garments available. And to no surprise, Leonard first tackled fit and feel.

“The cornerstone of Frabill apparel is fit,” says Leonard with the confidence of a racer starting on the pole.

Insulating is easy, so is packing a jacket with pockets and slapping on racing stripes. Offering exceptional thermal properties while simultaneously giving that groomsman, tape-measured fit-and-worn jeans feel? Now that’s something only Frabill has been able to achieve in ice-fishing outerwear. And the new Frabill I-Series suits are the finest fitted yet…

Leonard continues: “I could take this opportunity to rattle off fancy three-syllable words that describe the elements of I-Series, but I’ll be much more pragmatic. Go to the store. Try on a Frabill jacket. Take it off and try one of the others. I’m confident you’ll feel the difference.

“Ergonomic fishing design is something you really need to feel.”

A beautiful fit is achieved through masterful tailoring. Leonard and Frabill do that in spades. But let us not forget the patented technologies and “fancy three-syllable words” that define the overall performance of Frabill’s I-Series.

Take the matchless Frabill I-5, conclusively the most highly engineered outerwear fishing has ever seen. It features a faultless waterproof, windproof and breathable Cordura® rip-stop shell with 100% sealed seams. And that only speaks to the baseline shell fabric… From there, technology, features and ice-fishing-specific performance take over.

ALL Frabill I-Series ice fishing suits meet the minimum waterproof rating of the F-2 Storm Gear. Like Frabill’s premium raingear, the I-Series is 100% seam-sealed, while zippers and flaps are intelligently located to keep water out.

Consider your old ice-fishing suit a collectible. Maybe borrow it to a friend of a friend. But when ice fishing revs up in a couple of months, get behind the wheel wearing something with that new car smell and rocket speed off the blocks.

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