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Spring Target: Sight cast to TripleTail in GA

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Spring Sightcasting to Triple Tail on the Georgia Coast
Capt. Richie Lott
March 24, 2009
St. Simons Island – Saltwater Fishing Report
Spring Targets in Coastal GeorgiaAs I mentioned in my last report, spring is definitely here. The water temperature here on the S.E. Georgia Coast has risen to 66 degrees. That is a 13 degree incline over 2 weeks ago. This is the news we are looking for!Already, the local anglers and charter fishermen who target great eating Whiting off the beach/nearshore areas are catching 15-40 keeper fish every trip. The Whiting have been in 12-30 ft. of water with no one place being the “only” place to catch them. They are all over the place, literally. Small fish, but great eating and kids love that type of fishing and it’s easy.

Now, what I am personally waiting for is our seasonal View postgroup of Triple Tail (Eddy fish) that will school heavily near certain areas off our local beaches 2-3 miles offshore.

These fish are 100% sight casting targets. They first appear on the surface as a wounded or even a dead fish of some sort. That’s exactly what we’re looking for. An odd looking fish with 3-tails… Laying on the surface often swimming slowly or not moving at all, awaiting a baitfish or shrimp to come within attacking distance.

Not much of a trick, but landing your bait choice in front of the fish and not to spook the fish with your boat engine, or the splash of your bait. They get funny about eating sometimes, especially after the first week or two of anglers running their boats around those areas and haunting the fish carelessly.

Caution and much care should be taken when targeting Triple Tail. A cautious approach is key when the fish is seen lying on the surface. Nice and quiet, drift set up with the current and wind just right and shut the outboard down. Often, anglers think they will get closer to the fish with a trolling motor. Once the fish sees the boat, he’s gone most times no matter how quiet you think you may be.
Now and then, you get a really stubborn fish that will lay right beside the boat no matter how much noise you make. Most times, you get too close, and they’re gone…. Point is this; practice being careful and quiet when approaching your target. It will pay off in the long run.

Bait of Choice: GULP! Shrimp fished beneath a small float. No weight is needed in most cases unless the wind is blowing over 10 knots.

Rod and Reel: PENN Sargus Spinning Reel loaded up with 20 pound INVISIBRAID line. A PENN INTERNATIONAL 116 series Inshore Spinning rod will be about perfect for this task and many others.

What to watch for: Again, the fish will appear “out of the blue” many times and look like a dead or wounded fish. Sometimes, they remind me of a trash bag floating just beneath the surface. Once you see a Triple Tail, you will always know what you’re looking for…. Once you catch one…. Get ready to be HOOKED!

Good Fishing to all!

Capt. Richie Lott
PENN Professional Fishing Guide
Coastal Georgia Charter Fishing

Target Species:
Triple Tail

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