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“Trolling” Is No Longer Exclusive To Fishing From A Boat

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New ShowDown Ice-Troller redefines mobility and ice fishing sonar

Minneapolis, MN – “When I’m out searching for fish on the ice,” says professional guide Tony Roach, “I like to go into stealth mode. Just a rod, an auger, and this slick little fish-finder inside my coat pocket.”

Indeed, ice-fishing sonar has entered the iPod® era. The new ShowDown Ice-Troller is just that—the first hand-held, totally functional ice fishing sonar. Ice-Troller doesn’t just fit into a 5-gallon bucket, it’s a lightweight little palm-sized device that does everything a sonar unit should—and more.

Conceived by MarCum Technologies’, the ShowDown Ice-Troller sets new benchmarks in sonar design and performance. Just like the original ShowDown, Ice-Troller features an easy-to-interpret backlit, digital vertical LCD matched to an intuitive push-button operating system. Add in MarCum’s proven, patented Interference Rejection System and 25-Level Sensitivity, and you’ve got one smooth-running sonar that’s light on its feet.

Ice-Troller even includes a built-in LCD heater for use in extreme cold. And an Auto Range function immediately locks onto depth, displaying targets from 1 to 120-feet of water. Attached to a 20-degree transducer and 6-feet of cable, Ice-Troller provides instant depth, structure, and fish information. Six AA batteries keep the sonar juiced for up to 20 hours of continuous use.

“The new ShowDown Ice-Troller is the perfect match for my run-and-gun style of ice fishing,” offers Roach, the original ice-troller. “With this cool device in my hand, I can cover huge areas quickly— just drill and dip the transducer. No bending over, no carrying a big heavy flasher. It’s almost as easy as trolling with my boat. The Ice-Troller helps me map a structure fast, and it makes quick work of locating fish under the ice. I don’t care if you’re a guide or not, finding fish fast is still the name of the game.”

Having found the hotspot, Ice-Troller instantly converts into your primary sonar unit. Simply snap the Ice -Troller module onto a 12-volt Performance Pack (sold separately). The Performance Pack includes a padded neoprene soft case, adjustable transducer arm, cord stopper, Quick-Connect sonar shuttle, and 3-stage auto battery charger. A 12-volt rechargeable battery (sold separately) bypasses AA batteries for extended operation.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Versa Electronics, MarCum Technologies offers the highest standards in flasher-sonar units and underwater camera systems available today. For more information and a 2010-11 MarCum catalog, contact Versa Electronics, 3943 Quebec Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55427. For customer service, please contact us at 888-778-1208 or email us at Website is

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