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Ucluelet, BC Fishing Report: August 26, 2020

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Ucluelet, BC Fishing Report: August 26, 2020


The Chinook salmon fishing in close to shore has been very good the past couple weeks with the exception of a couple days during and after the stormy weather we just had. Fishing was still good close to the Bamfield wall during that time but slowed down out front here. Outside of Florencia Bay was a hotspot for about 10 days with a very good average size fish taken. Lately it has been WYA point and Little Beach. Some of the largest Chinook are coming from Little Beach early in the morning and in the evening. We have also been catching a few coho during this time.


Halibut fishing had a few slower days but has been consistent the past couple weeks and it looks like things could do well into September. Big Bank is still holding halibut as well as a few other spots.


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If you are still wanting to come fishing in Ucluelet with us early September  we are at an accommodation shortage since the big resorts are not running at full capacity because of Covid restrictions. You can check out or get one of our fishing packages available at We have very little ocean view accommodation but still have some cabins available.


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