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Why Wear a Fishing Gaiter (Mask) ?


Why Wear a Fishing Gaiter?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about gaiters recently, whether in the context of fishing or COVID-19. Although gaiters are not medical grade face masks, they are a useful alternative to cloth face coverings that can help reduce the spread of the virus – and protect you from the elements on your summer fishing trips.*

Fancy Name For a Mask?

Long before COVID-19, anglers everywhere wore gaiters while fishing. They are a tried and true staple to a successful fishing trip. But what’s the appeal? What do they protect you from? Here are a few key reasons why gaiters are an essential addition to your fishing apparel:

Sun Protection

Sun protection is by far the biggest reason why gaiters are so popular among anglers. For any pros out there, you know how harsh the beating sun can be when you’re outside for hours, particularly on one of the most exposed areas of the body: your neck. Gaiters not only provide a barrier from the scorching hot sun but also offer UV protection to prevent sunburns and even serious skin damage. Keep in mind, sun damage doesn’t only occur during the summer. UV rays are active all year round and you can fall victim to sun damage even in the dead of winter.

Any angler who fishes in the sun often knows how important it is to wear 50 UV fishing apparel. The fishing apparel you choose ultimately affects your performance and health. That’s why Apparel By Home Run performance fishing apparel provides the highest UV protection available on the market. If a gaiter isn’t currently part of your protective fishing wardrobe, it should be, and we’ve got you covered.

Cold and Wind Defense

Gaiters aren’t just for hot, summer days. Just as someone would wear a scarf to keep warm from the cold and wind, anglers wear neck gaiters for added warmth in the winter. Most cold-weather fishermen would agree that it’s not the cold that really kills you, it’s the wind. That biting, harsh wind that stings as it hits your nose and mouth. Pulling a gaiter up over your face can make anglers significantly more comfortable fishing in the winter months and allow them to always do what they love, no matter the weather.

Improves Visibility

Gaiters made of moisture-wicking fabric help you stay dry when getting splashed with water or overwhelmed by humidity. This helps prevent glasses from fogging up or becoming blurry and reduces the glare on your skin which allows you to have the best visibility possible when searching the water for fish.

Not only that, but protection from the elements helps improve your focus. Without worrying about water, heat, and wind, your eyes and mind can be hyper focused on the task at hand: reeling in that fish!

Apparel By Home Run Gaiters 


Itching to get your hands on a high-quality gaiter that doubles as a good-looking face mask to wear to the grocery store?

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*Fishing gaiters are non-medical grade face coverings that are not designed to prevent an individual from contracting COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that wearing a mask or face covering can help reduce the spread of the virus by preventing droplets from transferring between people in close contact. When wearing a gaiter or face covering of any kind, you should still maintain social distance.

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