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Won’t Get Fooled Again…Yeah, Right

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Photo-realistic FISH-FRY MINNOW® SPOON pulls a fast one on the fish

Bemidji, MN – Live baitfish or a foolproof clone? From up close or afar, it’s not an easy call. Spotting the unmistakable minnow silhouette, the gamefish swims closer with breakfast on the brain. Zeroing in, the reluctant predator eyeballs more proof of food—telltale fin, gill, and color patterns. Even the prey fish’s scale texture looks “right.” From above, the angler gives the Fish-Fry Minnow® Spoon a few lively twitches, allowing the replica to flutter, settle, and then THWACK . . . Fish on!

The Northland® Fishing Tackle Fish-Fry Minnow® Spoon hails from the lifelike LIVE-FORAGE® ReplicaSeries™ of baitfish copying lures designed to “match-the-hatch,” replicating injured minnows and fish fry to a degree never seen before. Each lure is hand-sculpted with a lively tail and fins and molded from lightweight metal to provide a seductive fluttering injured baitfish action that fools fish. Combine their accurate shapes with the double-sided, printed LIVE-FORAGE® HD Fish-Photo-Image™ patterns and fish see nothing but food from all sides, even when the spoon spins and flutters on the drop.

“Guiding on the world’s most heavily pressured walleye lakes, I can’t afford to fish with anything but the most lifelike, realistic lures I can get my hands on,” asserts TEAM NORTHLAND™ Pro-Staff Tony Roach. “The new LIVE-FORAGE® Fish-Fry Minnow® Spoon is an incredibly genuine baitfish imitator. I can match any hatch, from Baby Perch to Bluegill, and preferred minnow species like Retail Chubs and Fatheads.

Walleyes eat them all. Having these picture-perfect baitfish replicas in my box keeps me on all the hot bites. I love jigging spoons, and Walleyes love to eat the new Fish-Fry Minnow® Spoon.”

LIVE-FORAGE® BAITS are the result of two years of intensive research, design, testing and the integration of leading-edge Digital Imaging Technology (DIT). Featuring a premium VMC Cone-Cut treble hook, the Fish-Fry Minnow® Spoon is available in four sizes (1/16-, 1/8-, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce) and nine natural patters: Silver Shiner, Golden Shiner, Gold Perch, Rainbow Trout, Fathead, Glow Perch, Redtail, Dace Chub and Bluegill.

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