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Bloody Shad Swim Jig

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One of the most effective baits in many conditions year round is the swim jig. There are hundreds of swim jigs on the market. Some of them are good and a lot of them are just garbage that has no business being in anyone’s boat or tackle bag.
I have used many different brands and have caught fish on a lot of them but there is one that stands out among the crowd. It is the new Bloody Shad Swim Jig made by Siebert Outdoors (
While Swim Jigs are primarily used by and marketed to Bass Anglers, they are effective for a number of Game Fish including Pike, Muskie and Walleye.
The first thing that you notice is the superb color combination. The white and silver skirt with a touch of red really looks awesome coming through the water. The red eyes that always seem to be staring back at you finish off the ensemble.
After you get past the initial beauty you start to notice what this jig is really made of. The Bloody Shad Swim jig is not your typical machine produced, high volume, low quality jig. They are hand crafted in Missouri with high quality components.
Unlike a lot of swim jigs that are being produced now days, the Bloody Shad has an awesome hook. Siebert Outdoors is using the super sharp and unbelievably strong, Mustad Ultra Point hook. In front of the hook you have a 21 strand weed guard to help this bait deflect off of cover and slice through grass.

Siebert Outdoors also uses a skirt that is made up of 55 strands of eye catching color. These skirts seem to have the perfect amount of fullness and color to make the Bloody Shad Swim jig
very effective.
Adding to the appeal of this bait is its red eyes. The eyes are held in place by a super strong, 2 ton epoxy. This will insure that they stay in place for a very long time.
Within the head design is something that is very important to me as a jig fisherman. Molded right into the head is a trailer keeper. This will keep your trailer in place and on the jig much better than any of the jigs that are made without one.
Speaking of trailers, I have been fishing this jig exclusively with either a 4” Swim Senko (color 031) or 5” single tail grub (color 036) both from Gary Yamamoto Custom baits ( Both trailers add a great deal of action when dancing through the water and really accent the aesthetic qualities of the Bloody Shad Swim jig.
The Bloody Shad Swim jig is priced lower than the majority of the jigs on the market. At only $3.50 on this Swim Jig is a bargain. It is definitely worth the money.
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