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Catfish-Specific Rod & Reel Combos

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You’ve got your bass rods; your crappie rods; your trout and salmon rods. Even walleyes and muskies garner multiple models. Strange then that the third most popular freshwater fish on the continent—the catfish—continues to be under-tackled with also-ran rods and rickety old reels that scarcely get the job done.

SuperCat spinning reels features 5 stainless ball bearings, brass gears and a graphite rotor—all housed within a graphite frame, handle and high-capacity aluminum spool.

Not only have the catfish-friendly folks at Rippin Lips remedied the situation, they’ve done North America’s 7-million whisker seekers a big favor, narrowing the search for the perfect catfish combo. The new SuperCat® Series arms catfish specialists with expertly designed rod and reel combos they can be confident, comfortable and proud to fish.

“These SuperCat Combos are the type of trustworthy tool that are equally at home inside the johnboat, in the back of a pickup, or resting on a forked stick,” says legendary catfish angler John Jamison. “Count on years of trustworthy service, too, like that old sidekick of a retriever that never lets you down.”

In search of a quality rod-blank at an affordable price, Rippin Lips discovered S-glass, a remarkable material that’s both stronger and lighter than its more commonly used E-glass counterpart. Another key distinction: widely used E-glass was originally designed for non-angling applications, such as dentistry (ouch), while S-glass has been developed expressly for fishing rods. Likewise, S-glass offers nearly twice the modulus of E-glass, resulting in the optimal blend of blank strength, smoothness and sensitivity. (If you thought S-glass was tough, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.)

Likewise with quality, smoothness and durability, each SuperCat spinning reel features 5 stainless ball bearings, brass gears and a graphite rotor—all housed within a graphite frame, handle and high-capacity aluminum spool. Operating with an efficient 4.1:1 gear ratio, all SuperCat reels come pre-loaded with 300 yards of premium monofilament (20- or 25-pound test, depending on model/action.)

“Fishing a SuperCat Combo just feels natural,” says Jamison. “We designed them that way—to give anglers the best performing, high quality rods and reels at a truly affordable price. It’s the type of outfit you’ll own and fish for many, many years. And SuperCat Combos are versatile enough to land a pile of channel catfish from a pond or good sized blue cats from a river.”

Beyond earning Jamison’s “catfish tough” seal of approval, SuperCat rods also sport some sweet little extras. Counter-balanced EVA handles allow for rocket-launching casts plus extra leverage and power for setting hooks and a comfortable under-arm fit. Premium glow tips aid low light bite detection, with each rod featuring 8 premium guides plus tip.

Offered in three length/power models, SuperCat Combos include a 7-foot 6-inch Medium, 7-foot 6-inch Medium-Heavy and an 8-foot Heavy power. A 6000-size SuperCat spinning reel outfits Medium and Medium-Heavy rods, while a SuperCat 8000 matches the Heavy rod model. Attractively priced at $79.99 to $89.99 each, all SuperCat Combos come with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

“Finally, catfish folks can proudly own and fish with high quality, affordable rod and reel combos designed specifically for their favorite species. Seven million catfish anglers must be on to something.”

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