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First “Wearable” Underwater Camera System

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What if, rather than carrying that smartphone or tablet in your hands, technology allowed you to actually “wear” these indispensable devices? Imagine having the device always at the ready in front of your eyes, convenient, low profile and completely hands-free.

Aqua-Vu, technology leaders in smartphone-sized underwater viewing systems, recently released the Micro-Mobile Pro Viewing Case. The first wearable underwater camera holster, the Pro Viewing Case fits any Aqua-Vu Micro Series system, allowing anglers to view with unprecedented mobility, convenience, and nearly hands-free operation.

Armed with dual adjustable (neck and torso) buckles, the Pro Viewing Case fits all anglers, positioning and resting their Aqua-Vu Micro camera comfortably on their chest or upper torso, where the screen remains visible at all times. The benefits, as explained by North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) champion Brandon Newby, are self-evident.

“The Aqua-Vu Micro cam and the Mobile Pro Viewing Case have been the most important tools in our success in national ice tournaments,” says Newby, who along with partner Ryan Wilson have captured two consecutive NAIFC Team of the Year titles, plus the 2012 Championship and numerous other qualifying events. “We drill a ton of holes and search for fish over hundreds of acres in each lake we fish. Having a hands-free camera system that frees our hands to view, drill holes, tie knots and catch fish is a huge luxury.

“Ryan and I can each rig up a Pro Viewing Case at the start of the day and always have the Micro cam ready when we need it. The case also manages extra camera cable and carries keys, cell phones, tackle and other small necessities. It even has a zippered LCD cover that doubles as a sun-shield, and the design is so stealthy that we can underwater view without any of our fellow competitors knowing what we’re up to.”

Built to secure any Aqua-Vu Micro Series underwater camera, the Micro-Mobile Pro Viewing Case is the perfect portable solution for all ice anglers, especially for those who like to fish light and stay mobile.

Longtime Aqua-Vu fan and ice fishing pioneer, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl sings a similar tune. “This thing rocks. The case and camera sit right on my ‘food shelf’ (Bro’s term for love handles) and won’t flop around, even when drilling holes or moving. It’s the perfect solution for speed viewing—moving quickly from hole to hole and checking for the presence of fish, vegetation or specific types of bottom. I don’t have to hold the camera, just the cable. Leaves my jigging hand free so I can quickly drop a bait when I land on a pod of big ‘gills or crappies and continue to sight fish through the Micro screen. It’s the next must-have item for ice fishing, for sure.”

Available at most sporting goods retailers in early December, the Aqua-Vu Micro-Mobile Pro Viewing Case comes with a 12-volt camera battery charger and retails for $39.95. Also, from now through January 15, 2015, purchase of any Aqua-Vu Micro Series underwater camera qualifies buyers to receive a rebate for a FREE Pro Viewing Case / Charger Accessory pack. (Qualifying products include Micro II, Micro 5c, Micro Plus, Micro Plus DVR and Micro 5.) Micro-Mobile Pro Viewing Case available in December.


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