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Hammered Slender Spoons

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Sparkle… Flicker… Shimmer… Flash… Those little glimmers of light really grab your attention. Instinctively, you turn your head to investigate their origin. Oftentimes, it’s nothing more than sunlight popping through the tree limbs or a reflection in your side view mirror.

No matter the source, the point is you spontaneously took a look.

All creatures are curious of what’s glistening in the distance; even more so fish. And it’s not just a curiosity factor for them; it’s the likelihood the flash was emitted by a food source. After all, the scales of shiners, shad, young-of-the-year fishes and even the exoskeletons of aquatic insects can reflect light in multiple directions.

Now this is not new earth-shattering news, however. It was many moon ago anglers took note of how a few depressions on the surface of a spoon would make light dance. Beams here, rays there, and sparkles everywhere – just like in the natural world.

And it’s the throwback fish-attracting properties of dimpled metal that inspired Custom Jigs and Spins to forge their new Hammered Slender Spoons – the original shoehorn-shaped bait with a flutter like no other, whether jigged, cast or trolled.

“As soon as anglers started using and catching fish on the Slender Spoon, we started getting phone calls and emails asking us to add a hammered version to the line,” says Bob Gillespie, proprietor of Custom Jigs and Spins. “So we’ve gone for the gusto and added an entire series with a hammered exterior in all four weights, three lengths and the top three metallic finishes.”

Available this season are a 2-1/4-incher weighing in at ¼-ounce, two 1-1/2-inchers in 1/8- and 5/8-ounce weights, and a 1-incher that tips the scale at a mere 1/16-ounce. And the original-finish Hammered Slender Spoons shine brightly with metallic gold-, silver- and copper-plated hues to cover every grade of water clarity and baitfish hatch-matching situation.

Each Hammered Slender Spoon comes rigged with an appropriately size-matched, super-sharp treble hook, which can be easily removed and replaced with a Pro Finesse Drop Chain when extra dropper bling is the needed thing. And a high-quality snap comes packed to promote every waggle the Slender Spoon was designed to produce.

Like a welcomed flashback from the past, the Hammered Slender Spoon is a year-round must have to catch fish today.

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