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Krappie King now available

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Knight him, or rather…‘King’ him. The wearer of this crown of panfish is none other than the Krappie King himself, Karl Kalonka. (Right there are more k’s than the average man utters in a day.) Began as a factual, fast-paced television program aimed at educating in an entertaining fashion, Krappie Kings has evolved into a tip-to-tail assortment of crappie-specific gear.

Designed and manufactured in conjunction with Ardent Outdoors, Krappie Kings’ full-line of crappie products are surfacing in sporting goods departments of select Wal-Mart locations. At present, you can anticipate grabbing them at stores in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina & Tennessee.

By full assortment, Krappie King’s Karl Kalonka means what he says. “Man, it’s a comprehensive selection,” says the fishing personality best known for his long-running, popular program Extreme Angler. “There are marabou jigs, soft-plastic curly tail grubs, select hooks, floats, and even rod and reel combos handpicked for chasing crappies.”

When Kalonka first embarked on the project he had two principles in mind: price and quality. Panfish, the second largest segment of freshwater fishing in North America (only bested by bass), attracts an incredibly diverse field of anglers. With that in mind, Kalonka first considered price. “Krappie Kings products are stickered with the price conscience angler in mind. I didn’t want price to be a stopper.”

Part and parcel to affordability, Kalonka also demanded products he’d hang his hat and reputation on. “You only get one chance to do it right. Once it’s out there you can’t take it back. And I’m more than pleased about how everything turned out.”

Kalonka says Krappie Kings products run the table of crappie fishing techniques, too, from vertical jigging to long-line trolling, spider rigging, and shootin` docks and casting corks. North, south, east or west, there are Krappie King selections made for the way you fish.

Expect to find Krappie Kings gear at more sporting good locations in the coming months.

Krappie Kings
Krappie Kings products are introduced by Krappie Kings Television, as seen on the Sportsman Channel and the World Fishing Network, reaching over forty-six million household subscribers across North America. Krappie Kings Television is a character driven series that features some of the finest crappie fishing locations while focusing on the people, places and appetizing local cuisine.

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