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“Legend” St. Croix’s inshore saltwater rods

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The offspring of countless hours of on-the-water R&D in America’s toughest inshore playgrounds and endless tweaks in St. Croix’s state-of-the-art design labs (the rod-building equivalent of AREA 51), St. Croix has declassified a whole new generation of inshore weaponry.

Enter Legend® Inshore, St. Croix’s all-new series of hyper-performance inshore saltwater rods. While engineered to match the muscle of big bull reds and savage snook (or the errant shark) they’re still sensitive enough to finesse finicky sea trout into submission.

With the needs of hardcore inshore sticks in mind, St. Croix has completely revised hyper-performance Legend Inshore saltwater rods to raise the bar for quality. Built on high-modulus, high-strain SCIV graphite with St. Croix’s proprietary Fortified Resin System (FRS), the new Legend Inshore rods are a third stronger than previous models.

Translation: Increased muscle mass for more and bigger fish.

The high-tech engineering magic behind FRS is a new, proprietary manufacturing protocol that employs a special fortified resin with new state-of-the-art curing ovens to produce blanks that are 33% stronger than those built with standard resins and curing methods. FRS prevents microbuckling by keeping carbon fibers in proper alignment.

And that’s just the start.

Knowing that inshore sticks take a beating from sinewy fish and the harshest weather Poseidon can whip up, St. Croix Legend Inshore rods feature Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides with zirconia rings and titanium frames for the ultimate protection against saltwater corrosion. Plus, the sloped, wide leg design offers the advantage of seriously limiting line tangles with mono, fluorocarbon and braid.

Translation: Less hassle, more fish.

Keeping the Legend Inshore simultaneously lightweight, sensitive, and impervious to the elements, St. Croix’s engineering craftsmen integrated a Fuji® SK2 split reel seat and corrosion-proof Delrin® wind check and reel seat trim pieces. Both spinning and casting models feature super-grade cork handles.

Factor in that the Legend Inshore was designed and handcrafted in the USA, comes with a lifetime limited warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service, and you have a rod series that definitely lives up to its name. Plus, Legend Inshore completes a new trifecta of saltwater must-haves, creating an unbeatable tug-of-war team of Legend Surf, Legend Offshore and Legend Inshore that meets and exceeds the rigorous demands of serious saltwater anglers around the globe.

“Legend Inshore rods feature all of St. Croix’s proprietary technologies and is quite simply the finest inshore series we’ve ever built. We’re excited, in part, because the Legend brand now covers surf, offshore and inshore with three distinct, premium-performance rod families,” says Jeff Schulter, V.P. Sales & Marketing, St. Croix Rod.

No doubt, Legend Inshore is poised to become the end game in inshore spinning and casting sticks.

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