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Selecting an underwater ice fishing camera

Ice Fishing Tips, Tackle Tips & How To's

Our ability as anglers to understand fish behavior and habitat is directly coupled to our use of modern technological tools. For example, while the first consumer sonar units of the late 1950s opened the door to structure fishing, modern innovations like Side Imaging, Down Imaging, and 360 Imaging provide contemporary anglers with an incredible abundance of information that could not be imagined by previous generations.

Likewise, while the first underwater cameras began to offer additional hints as to how fish relate to structure and respond to baits, today’s camera systems provide anglers with an unprecedented level of picture clarity and detail, portability, and ease of use. Here are some tips for selecting the best underwater camera system for two common ice fishing situations.

The most successful hardwater anglers are those that are mobile, constantly hunting for active fish. Mobility on the ice demands gear that is easily transported, particularly during the first ice period when heavy gear gets left on shore. For these, or any times when an ice angler operates in search-and-destroy mode, the Aqua-Vu Micro 5 is the perfect choice for underwater viewing. This camera system packs a host of powerful features into an incredibly small package, easily fitting into the front pocket of your favorite ice fishing bibs.

The acorn-sized optics feature a one-million pixel, full-color camera for sharp detail under a wide variety of water and lighting conditions. The Aqua-Vu Micro 5 includes a 5” LCD display with a flip up sunshield for easy viewing, as well as a long-life lithium ion power pack for those ice trips that extend through a full day. An integrated 8 GB DVR makes recording your underwater videos a snap, so you can relive and share your ice fishing memories with family and friends. All of these features are packed into a rugged housing that weighs 1.3 pounds….your fully-stocked ice fishing jig box weighs more!

The portability of the Aqua-Vu Micro 5 is enhanced with the new Micro-Mobile Pro Viewing Case (available in December), the first wearable underwater camera holster. This accessory allows the ice angler to keep one hand free for jigging while still enjoying live camera views from beneath the ice.

There are times, however, when weather conditions or a precision bite demand that we hunker down in a portable or hard-sided shelter. When space and portability are not primary concerns, I opt for a different camera system with a larger view screen so I can share the excitement of the underwater world with my kids or others in the shelter. At these times, the Aqua-Vu 760 cz system, with its 7” LCD monitor, becomes my underwater camera of choice.

I position the camera optics, housed within in a sunfish-shaped “decoy” to avoid spooking wary predators, using the Aqua-Vu Mo-Pod to ensure that I have both hands free to fish when the mid-winter crappies start to crash the weedlines. The versatile camera body allows for traditional horizontal viewing or for down-viewing, allowing me to position the optics above the feeding zone and see fish interacting with my bait from all directions.

If your ice fishing occurs from within a hard-sided palace equipped with modern creature comforts, the video out port of the Aqua-Vu 760cz allows you to connect your Aqua-Vu 760cz to your in-house entertainment system, so that everyone in your palace can enjoy a big-screen Aqua-Vu performance.

Aqua-Vu Micro 5
Best for: Mobile ice fishing missions
• Key features: Pocket-sized portability
• Incredible detail and clarity from 1 MP optics
• Lithium ion battery for long life
• 8 GB DVR for easy video recording and sharing
• Must-have accessory: Micro-Mobile Pro Viewing Case (available in December)

Aqua-Vu 760cz
Best for: Position fishing within shelters
• Key features: Large 7” LCD viewing screen
• Sony CCD optics housed within stealthy decoy
• Convenient, sealed 12V (9 Ah) power source
• Video-out port for video sharing
• Must-have accessory: Aqua-Vu Mo-Pod

Aqua-Vu camera systems provide anglers with powerful technological tools to better understand fish habitat and behavior, resulting in more successful and enjoyable hard-water adventures. Choose the right Aqua-Vu system for your style of fishing, and enjoy the show!

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