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Someone Went Through The Ice!

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New ice safety gear being added to Frabill’s ICE CENTER is worth every penny

Jackson, Wis. – There’s no greater fear in the minds of ice anglers and hearts of their loved ones than the thought of breaking through the ice. Sorry for the sobering reminder, but it happens every winter. Early ice. Late ice. Questionable ice. Unfortunately, some of the season’s best fishing takes place when and where the ice is the least safe. No fish is worth the risk, yet many take their chances.

We could get preachy, but won’t. We suggest, however, that you stay off suspect and unknown ice, use the buddy system, and take as many precautionary measures as possible, including ‘wearing’ ice picks and safety studs, and keeping a whistle – yes a whistle – at a moment’s notice. The new Frabill® Ice Picks are designed to be literally worn, not tucked away in a mystery pocket and inaccessible when they’re actually needed. 72-inches of stretchable cord connect the pair of retractable, handheld spikes. Hold the handles while putting on your jacket or parka. The retractable cord slides through the arms, across your back, and out the cuff. The spikes are kept free and clear inside a sheath, only activating with downward pressure.

Drowning is our greatest fear, yet most accidents on the ice involve slipping and falling. Some say a man wasn’t meant to fly. Well, he really wasn’t meant to walk on ice, either, unless outfitted with the proper treads. Available in two sizes – Large and Extra Large – Frabill’s new rubber Ice Creepers pull easily over most winter boots.10 carbide spikes (per creeper) contact and grip the ice to keep you upright and injury-free.

You’re most vulnerable to ‘going down’ while drilling, or right after new holes are bored. The inherent turning action of a power auger wants to destabilize you. Add fresh slush and water coming to the surface and there’s an accident waiting to happen. Frabill’s Ice Creepers bite back to keep you off your keester.

Take it from Captain Pat Kalmerton, Frabill Pro Staff and professional ice fishing guide, ‘cleats’ are a small investment to circumvent a weekend ambulance ride to the ER. “Consider Frabill’s Ice Creepers an insurance policy, not an expense. Before you buy that extra dozen shiner minnows that you’ll probably end up feeding to the crows anyway, make sure you’ve invested in your own personal safety.”

Ice safety comes packaged with a bow, too. The Frabill Ice Safety Kit includes the Ice Picks, Ice Creepers (size XL), and the safety whistle noted earlier. Rigged on a lanyard, the whistle is the first alert to nearby anglers that there’s a possible emergency.

Okay, we’ll close with a little preaching. If you can’t ‘guarantee’ the ice you’re about to load with weight can hold you and whatever or whoever’s with you, stay off it. As much as Frabill promotes the sport, we’d rather have you sitting in front of the fireplace reading about ice fishing than taking any risks.

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