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Ultimate Vacuum Sealing System for Fish

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Hunters, anglers and meat processors now have the ultimate vacuum sealing system to seal and store large amounts of game and fish with the introduction of the new FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium G800.

The heavy duty Titanium G800 is the first FoodSaver® GameSaver® model that features a 15-inch-long seal strip with two settings. In single sealing mode it can produce up to 100 repetitive seals with no waiting time. The double sealing option provides extra security with an added enclosure.

The Titanium G800 is the perfect machine for avid hunters and anglers who store large amounts of game and fish in the freezer. It’s also ideal for meat processors and lodge owners who seal and store commercial quantities of game and fish. With the 15-inch-wide bag, large portions of meat, such as roasts or backstraps, need not be pared down. For smaller cuts of meat or fish, such as rainbow trout or panfish, Titanium also seals 8-inch- and 11-inch-wide bags.

Like all FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems, Titanium removes air from the specially designed FoodSaver® bag and creates a quality, air-tight seal that keeps frozen food fresh up to five times longer than traditional storage methods.
A hunter who packages and freezes venison using traditional storage methods can expect the meat to stay fresh for up to three months. However, by using a FoodSaver® GameSaver® vacuum sealing system, frozen venison will stay fresh and provide a delicious meal up to 1 ½ years later. The same holds true for anglers packaging salmon or other fish like trout or grouper.

Built for durability and performance, the FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium G800 has an internal dual pump that provides more power than a single pump to pull air out and seal contents tightly. The system also includes a patented, removable drip tray to capture excess moisture and to make clean-up easy and convenient.

The extra-large, rubberized buttons and easy grip handles make the Titanium G800 simple to operate. The built-in bag cutter makes it easy and convenient to process large jobs. This heavy duty vacuum sealer also has internal storage for an extra bag roll.

The Titanium G800 is compatible with all FoodSaver® GameSaver® vacuum sealing bags, including the exclusive 15-inch-wide Heat Seal Rolls, the Heavy Duty Heat Seal Rolls, the Expandable Heat Seal Rolls and the DAM™ Bags, with a built-in, liquid blocking strip.

Other features of the FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium G800 vacuum sealing system include:
• Foam gasket that ensures a good vacuum seal
• Bag cutter on lid that slides across to cut bags at any length
• Seal button to seal rolls and create custom-sized bags
• Vacuum and seal button that vacuums, seals and shuts off automatically
• Accessory port for use with a vacuum hose (included) for all FoodSaver® brand containers and accessories

The FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium G800 will be available August 1, 2013 at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Gander Mountain and Academy and has a suggested retail price of $449 with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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